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Why We Cool

Make Life A Bit Easier

The only reason you should do your own laundry is if you spent $2,000 on that sleek European Washer/Dryer so that you can show off in front of your friends. Otherwise, we suggest that you make your life just a bit easier and let us do what we do best: Pamper you.

Errand-free Weekends

Your weekend is much too valuable to spend here. No one will criticize you for if you don’t. You just have to come to terms with the fact that you are finally free to do whatever you please in your free time.

Life Is Good In Hamperville

Who says that dry cleaning and laundry can\'t be a low monthly payment bill?? Just build your own plan using Hamperville based on your own needs, pay once and be done with it! No more running to the ATM before you go to your dry cleaner because he doesn\'t accept credit cards, no more begging your neighbors for quarters to do your laundry because your bank is closed on Sunday. That\'s one simple way of getting rid of an annoying chore and having one bill per month. Life is good…

Rollover With Us

Do you really believe that Cingular invented the Rollover concept? Actually they did, but we thought it\'s so cool that we have to offer it to our customers. Why is that cool? Maybe in a cold January month you call in sick for few days or maybe a beautiful and breezy month of June makes you take a drive on the coast in your new convertible…That means that your monthly plan will include more items than you need; don\'t worry if you have anything extra it will be transferred to your next month's balance. We wouldn't want to disrupt your fun, we encourage it!

Make Your Friends Jealous

Your Laundromat buddies will feel that you’ve abandoned them. They’ll understand though. Someone who works as hard as you do should not spend his spare time hanging out next to some washers and dryers watching an old episode of Seinfeld on a 19” TV and making conversation to the soda machine . Don’t be selfish! Let them know about Hamperville and they’ll thank you. Right after Seinfeld is over…