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Silk easily gets damaged during cleaning and so you'll find all dry cleaners charging more because the chances to get ruined are much higher.Silk items are also very tricky when it comes to treating spots. garments with lining require extra attention because we have to clean & press the lining and, more importantly, do it delicately so we don't shrink or damage the lining. Thus costing more time in labor.
Your credit rolls-over from month to month, so whatever you don’t use from a certain month remains in your account for up to 12 months.
Sure. But first check and see if your new address falls in our coverage area. If it does, just log in to your account and click on "Edit Account", and you will be able to change the pick-up and delivery address.
Pickup and delivery is FREE.
Sure. Please separate these items in a plastic bag and include in the bag a note "hang/air dry", then put this plastic bag in your regular laundry bag (or any other laundry/plastic bag if this is your 1st order).
Default turn around time is 2 working days. Next-day service is available for $7 extra. Same day service is available for $15 extra (we must pick up by 10 AM, deliver after 6PM). Please note that this service is done on best-effort basis. We will try everything we can to meet your request; but because of the wide variation of issues relating to stains, fabric and many other technical issues, it could take the full 48 hours to complete your order. In this case we would waive the fee for the Same Day and Next Day Service.
Yes, you can use your own detergent or softener (or both). You will need to include a note every time inside the laundry bag reminding us to use your detergent. We will deliver your bottles back every time.
Yes. And there are no extra costs for bed sheets and pillow cases. These items are only priced per piece if given to us separately and the customer specifically asks for dry cleaning or wash & press service.
If you have a coupon simply enter the code at time of scheduling new pickup.
We normally use scent-free products at hamperville. We use non-branded perfume-free, dye-free detergent for all our wash/fold. We also use scent-free dryer sheets that soften and prevents static. Additionally we carry Tide and Downy products. If you would like us to use Tide/Downy, please go to your account Preferences and mark accordingly.
The cutoff time on weekdays is 2:00 PM EST and on weekends is 11 AM. If you wish to request a pick up for today and it's past the times mentioned, you can give us a call at 877-426-7379 and we will try to accommodate.
We will attempt to pickup or deliver again next day at no charge. There is a $7 missed pickup charge after 2nd attempt. To avoid any fees, please notify us at least 3 hours in advance to let us know you won't be home.
Subscription renews on the 1st of every month. It works on a pro-rated basis. For example, if you choose a $100 per month subscription and you sign up on the 5th of the month, you will immediately be charged for the remainder of the 25 days ($83.33 if there are 30 days in the month or $80.64 if there are 31 days) This will give you ability to instantly save 10% on all your laundry and dry cleaning. $50 subscription will save you 5% and $200 subscription will save 15%.
Pickup & Delivery Hours are: Mon - Fri 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM. Sat - Sun 11 AM to 4 PM. You can chose a desired window depending on your availability.
You can place your Laundry and/or dry cleaning in any bag (make sure to separate your dry cleaning items from your laundry). Once we process your first order, we will deliver it along with your personal laundry bag with your name tag that includes your address, phone number and preferences.
If you're a subscriber please ensure that your subscription service is set to OFF to avoid monthly charges. If you are not a subscriber, If you don't order, you won't get charged.
Yes, you can either schedule your pickup and skip the "Tell us what is in your order" part, or you can buy individual items at a low flat rate every time you log in.
Silk easily gets damaged during cleaning and so you'll find all dry cleaners charging more because the chances to get ruined are much higher. Silk items are also very tricky when it comes to treating spots.
We are liable for incidental damages and loss to articles placed within our care if it's determined that we are at fault. Cases where the customer is at fault include (but not limited to) instances where the customer is aware of special garment treatment but does not communicate it to us. Our claims system is based on the American National Standards Institute's 'Fair Claims Guide for Consumer Textile Products. We take pride in our business knowing that we can provide the highest level of customer service in the dry cleaning industry! Care information must be permanently attached to all garments. If this information is not present, the customer fails to provide "Special Instructions", and the garment is damaged as a result, or if care instructions are followed and the garment or some component part fails, the responsibility is with the manufacturer. Your best recourse is to go to the retailer who sold you the item. Good retail practice requires that a store exchange a defective item or refund the price. Some stains simply can't be removed by any known method, and while no one is to blame, there is no remedy. This is also true of the damaging effects of age on all fabrics.
It's the best value plan for your money and it's chosen by most of our customers. It is basically a pre-payment service where Hamperville charges a pre-determined amount on the first of every month. We offer 3 levels of subscription. Basic ($50/mo saves you 5%), Silver ($100/mo saves 10%) and Gold ($200/mo saves 15%). For example, if your monthly subscription is $100, you can right away take advantage of discounted pricing of 10%. If you spend $90 that month, your balance of $10 will roll over to the next month. If you spend $120, your card on file will be charged the difference of $20. The top 2 reasons most users choose the rollover monthly subscription is because it offers better pricing than the Pay-As-You-Go option and it is a perfect budget planning tool.
This is an especially convenient choice for customers who have busy schedules and cannot be home for the entire 3-hour time window needed for pickup and delivery. The way it works: You provide us with a copy of the key for downstairs front door(s). Your key is name-tagged and logged in our safe. Then we pickup and deliver your laundry from outside your apartment door. Safety: Your clothes will be left by your apartment door. Although it's safe in the majority of residential buildings, it's up to you to decide whether your building is safe. Thus far we have had zero issues with theft of customers' laundry. How to get started: You can email us at info@hamperville.com and express your desire to have "unattended pickup & delivery".
Dry cleaning: In the rare case where garments are damaged or lost you must contact us within 48 hours of your delivery date. After 48 hours of your drop off, we shall not assume any responsibility for damaged or missing item. Wash & fold service: Wash & fold service will be performed with the utmost care and with the highest cleaning standards. We also will follow your instructions if given regarding the washing and drying temperature. However, please note that we don't read the cleaning instruction labels of clothes submitted for wash & fold because of the low price we receive per item (an average garment will be priced at $0.50 since we charge per lbs). This means that we are not responsible for shrinkage, color change or damage of any kind.
Shirts Laundered & Pressed - This applies to Business Attire shirts and most shirts that are made of 100% cotton and that don't have bright/dark colors. Shirts Hand-Pressed - This is a good option for expensive shirts or shirts that are too small for the pressing machine. This is done only at the customer's request. Shirts Dry Cleaned - Shirts require dry cleaning because of stains/spots treatment.
Tipping is not required but greatly appreciated. To assure safety of our drivers, it's best to do so via account preferences. Please keep in mind that the set amount will be charged with every order.
Please DO NOT relay any washing instructions to the drivers. If you have specific needs (allergies) or certain items that needs to be hung dry, please put those items in a separate bag before putting in Hamperville bag with a specific note to the attendant.
We offer windows of service for convenience to our customers and we do our best to honor them. Unfortunately there are many factors like weather and traffic which makes it difficult to be on time.
Yes, the minimum is $30 per pickup. This can include Wash and Fold as well as Dry Cleaning.
Your credit balance is fully transferable to anyone else who uses Hamperville. Please let us know who you'd like to transfer the balance to and we will take care of the rest. If you're unable to transfer, credit is usable for up to 1 year. Credit is non-refundable.