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About Us

We live in New York City, quite possibly the city with the most overworked, squeezed-for-time demographic in the world. For years we thought of the chores of picking up dry cleaning and doing laundry as nature’s punishment to us for constantly wearing our shirts and using up our socks drawer. The inevitable chores…

How we differ from the competition:

  • Not just another "laundry logistics" company: Unlike most of our competition, we are actually in the laundry business.  We own our own processing facilities.  What does it means to our costumers like you?  Total control of your order from time we pickup to the time we deliver. Your clothing goes through in-house quality assurance checks to make sure we return everything we pickup (only cleaner).
  • State of the art iPhone app: Doing your laundry online is cool, but from the iPhone is ridiculous. So give it a try and tell us how much you love our iPhone app, which includes features like placing orders, viewing invoices, setting up recurring service and editing laundry preferences.
  • Skin & environment friendly: We only use Arm & Hammer products: Their scent-free detergent is the best in the market and the 2-in-1 dryer cloth softens clothes and prevents static (also scent-free).
  • Weekday Evening Service: We begin our routes at 6 PM on week days which works out perfectly for our customers to be home (unless of course you have a doorman).